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Avive AED™ Training Cartridge

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The Avive Training Cartridge allows you to easily convert your Avive AED into a training unit to run realistic simulations and training exercises.

The Avive Training Cartridge is the perfect accessory for CPR instructors, organizations who need to train employees, and even families who desire a life-saving AED and a training device - all in one. There's no longer a need to lug around multiple units or spend extra money on devices only used for training! 

To activate Training Mode, simply replace your life-saving Avive Pad Cartridge with the Avive Training Cartridge, and you're ready to train. 

  • One (1) cartridge with two (2) pads that can be used for training purposes.

IMPORTANT: The Avive Training Cartridge is for TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY and will NOT deliver defibrillation therapy.

Avive’s Training Mode includes the following distinctive features: 

  • The ability to advance the AED’s instructions with a "pads placed" button on the Avive Connect AED's touchscreen, allowing for training without a remote control
  • The ability to pre-set various training scenarios using the Avive Connect AED's touchscreen interface
  • The ability to quickly reset the training pads into the Training Cartridge for the next training use

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Expand life-saving AED training without the hassles

Simply snap in the Training Cartridge, and your life-saving AED will be converted to a full training device capable of training by simply using the Avive Connect™ AED’s touchscreen. No matter how you want to train, we’re here to help you amplify knowledge. 

Additional Information

Our Warranty:

We provide a limited warranty to the original end user for our AED units and associated accessories. Our AED's are warranted for five (5) years from the date of shipment. If the AED is registered with the REALConnect™ maintenance services, the warranty is extended to eight (8) years. Disposable Avive Pad Cartridges are warranted until the expiration dates listed on the package. All other approved accessories are warranted for 90 days, or the expiration date, whichever is later. Find our full Limited Warranty Policy here for more details and conditions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael H. (Lawrenceville, GA)
training pads

Now I can teach my wife how to use the AED just in case I'm the one needing help.

AJ F. (Richland, WA)
Training Cartridge

This is an amazing add on that everyone should get so you can use your AED as a trainer as well. This is a huge cost savings compared to having to purchase a training unit. If you are purchasing an AED, just add one of these to your cart at the same time!

chusted@ez-lyfe.com (Prescott, AZ)
AED Training Cartridge

The training cartridge makes it possible to turn your Avive Connect AED into a "trainer" unit. This ability to practice in a personal & business context is meaningful.

While the Avive Connect AED is very intuitive, being able to become familiar with the application of an AED through training is valuable. I encourage anyone who deploys the revolutionary Avive Connect AED in their personal and/or business space to also incorporate a training cartridge.

"Knowing is not enough, we must APPLY. Willing is not enough, we must DO" - Bruce Lee