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Avive has made it easier than ever to buy an AED and even more affordable with our packages! We've assembled the latest FDA-approved Avive Connect AED into convenient packages comprised of the accessories you need for your environment. Whether you're buying for your church, gym, school, business, home or anywhere in between, save when you purchase a package.

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Avive Connect AED Semi Rigid Carrying Case

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Avive carries everything you need for your Automated External Defibrillator, including:

  • Universal AED Electrode Pads
  • AED Wall Cabinets
  • Soft & Hard Carrying Cases
  • Training Cartridges
  • AED Wall Signs
  • First Responder Kits

Though we carry universal AED accessories like large cabinets and AED Wall Signs, the majority of our accessories are designed to house the Avive Connect AED.

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